Liberty Mountain 2021 Catalog

dearvalued friends of libertymountain For decades, Liberty Mountain has served the outdoor industry as a distrib- utor of many of you and your customers favorite brands. We are driven by our love of the outdoors and the people and companies in our industry. We work hard to be dependable, act with integrity and execute our mission to ship your orders as soon as possible. Liberty Mountain’s reliability as a partner has never been more important. Our industry battled challenges of a changing product mix and keeping hot items in stock as people all around the world changed their summer plans to include camping, biking, and paddling. They went outdoors to wonderful natural places near their own backyards, and many rediscovered how truly special the outdoors can be. Gary has always been proud of Liberty Mountain’s team of dedicated em- ployees. I hope you all recognize and appreciate the many high-quality em- ployees we have to serve you. Our outstanding employees have pulled to- gether and found many creative solutions to the unexpected circumstances we all faced this past year. One of those solutions was officially launching our new website over the summer! It is a powerful tool with many new features including much better search capability, helping you find the products you are looking for and pro- cess your orders quickly and easily. We are excited to continue our business with you in 2021 by offering you helpful online tools to keep your business- es healthy. Please email with your ideas and suggestions on how we can provide better support to you through our web- site or in any other way. We appreciate your continued business with us, and promise that we will continue to work hard to make your business successful. Thanks for working with us to create and share great outdoor experiences that last a lifetime! Sincerely, Your Partners at Liberty Mountain